$amhill ‘THE PREFACE’ EP + Free Download

$amhill ‘THE PREFACE’ EP

+ Free Download


If you start out by reading the tracklist to $amHill’s EP ‘The Preface’ you can get an idea of the story he’s about to tell.  But difference in his delivery versus many others, is that the listener actually stays to listen. The epitamy of the term ‘Damn! I feel you.’ is how I’d describe it.  Bronx lyricist, $amHill has a reputation for being as real as they get and it definitely shows in all he’s given us on The Preface.  The say if you can’t take the heat get your ass out the kitchen and this is definitely not one for the weak.  Take a listen, download it for free, watch some videos, and thank us later. 😉

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TRACKLIST: 1. The Sky  2. Vagina Monologues  3. Changed Man  4. Verses  5. Poetic Justice  6. Not Respected  7. The Sam Hill Story

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