Con-Plex: O.D.O.G Ft Fendi Fab X Ronnie Brown

Con-Plex ‘O.D.O.G’

Ft. Fendi Fab & Ronnie Brown


Con-Plex 1/4 of “The Nomads” Joins fellow Nomad Member “Ronnie Brown” and upcoming Artist “Fendi Fab” to create The single track O.D.O.G produced by Gramatik off Con-Plex upcoming project “16 Reasons”  which will be released the fall of 2013. On this track the trio express there thoughts on a few of the reasons why women cheat when asked about why he thinks its ok to seduce women in falling relationships Con-plex replied ” Almost everyone cheats..Some just do it better than others if her man was better she wouldn’t look for better”. In short this track is a reminder to all the guys out there mistreating they women or not doing enough that there are men out there that will replace you an won’t think twice about it.


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