Action Bronson – “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” (Official Video)

Action Bronson 

“Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

(Official Video)

+ Saaab Stories EP Cover Art Release and Track List 


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Here’s the new video for Action Bronson’s latest single “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.” Taking place in Queens, New York, the video stars Riff Raff, pitbulls, big beautiful women, and a big ol’ badass jeep.

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Produced by Harry Fraud
Directed by Jason Goldwatch…

New EP drops on June 11th titled Saaab Stories. The seven-track EP features Big Body Bes, Wiz Khalifa, Prodigy and Raekwon. Check out the just released Cover Art and Tracklist:



1. 72 Virgins feat. Big Body Bes
2. Triple Backflip
3. No Time
4. The Rockers feat. Wiz Khalifa
5. Strictly 4 My Jeeps
6. Alligator
7. Seven Series Triplets feat. Prodigy and Raekwon

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