Rich Quick ‘Say U Love Me’

Rich Quick ‘Say U Love Me’


Rich Quick is back with the second single from his upcoming EP “Sad Songz” on Ben Frank Recordings. Produced by legendary production duo STREECE which is comprised of producers Stress the White Boy and Chuck Treece. This powerhouse production duo has credits including Lil Wayne, Gym Class Heroes,  Billy Joel, Sting and more. 

“Say U Love Me” is about the women that have been in and out of my life.” explains Rich. This track is a declaration about dating in the world of Rich Quick and how his love for music comes above all else and with great sacrifice. Set to a dynamic and uptempo beat, Rich chooses lyrics that are deep and heartfelt only adding to the listeners experience.

“Say U Love Me” is a follow up to the wildly successful first release off the EP, “Travelin’ Man”.

It managed to capture the attention of multi-Grammy award winning artist, Tim “Timebomb” Armstrong of Rancid and Transplants fame. Armstrong, a long time friend of Stress, collaborated on a track with STREECE and Rich Quick. The track entitled “Stay True” became part of the Tim Timebomb and Friends project and quickly became a fan favorite.
“Sad Songz” will be released in August of 2013 on Ben Frank Recordings.

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