BE A PART OF HIP HOP HISTORY : Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary


Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary


“Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of “Graffiti Rock,” the first Hip Hop TV show ever made. As its producer, host, and owner, I have launched a kickstarter campaign for a deluxe special edition of the show.  In the heart of this new DVD will be a new, hour-long documentary called “Graffiti Rock, The Untold Story,” which will explore the behind-the-scenes stories about the making of “Graffiti Rock” and many of my other Hip Hop productions. This documentary features new interviews with present-day stars of Hip Hop about what “Graffiti Rock” meant to them as youngsters.  Not unnaturally, I also weigh in personally regarding my own experience as a Hip Hop  impresario in the culture’s early days. The show also boasts special, never-before-seen footage from my vaults, including the Hip Hop series that I produced for local cable TV in New York before “Graffiti Rock.”  Entitled “On Beat TV” and “TV New York,” respectively, these shows featured a cavalcade of such illustrious legends as Fab 5 Freddy, Doug E. Fresh, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Jazzy Joyce, The New York City Breakers, Rock Steady Crew, MC K Rob, DJ High Priest, Phase II, Grand Mixer DXT, and Futura.” – Michael Holman

“Graffiti Rock is the Soul Train of Hip Hop.” – Ricky Powell

“Graffiti Rock was some mind blowing shit. I mean we were kids, literally kids, and to see a show on regular TV playing real hip hop with performances by groups we idolized like Run DMC and the Treacherous Three was completely crazy and inconceivable. Def one for the hip hop archives.” – Mike D (Beastie Boys)

“Back in 1984, the excitement that surrounded the show, as a young kid, was inescapable in New York City. We want Graffiti Rock, NOW!” – Q-Tip

“Whaasup? Graffiti Rock’s the first RAP Show on TV that’s what’s up. Michael Holman doing his Don Cornelius with Run DMC and Kool Moe Dee years before Yo! MTV Raps dropped. Super FRESH on your own box – now check it.” – Charlie Ahearn (Wildstyle)




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