WORDSMITH Nominated For IMEA Award, Promo Tour & More

WORDSMITH Nominated For IMEA Award, Promo Tour & More


Tour Dates

Times & Locations Available via Wordsmithmusic.com

9/14 2013 Hartwood Days Festival 2013 (VA)
9/20 Pedx (MD)
9/21 Select Lounge (MD)
9/25 SoB’s (NY)
10/2 A3C HipHop Music Festival 2013 (GA)
10/20 Insert Coins (NV)
11/2 IMEA Awards 2013 (KY)
11/9 Mid-Atlantic Music Conference 2013 (NC)
11/17 Gothem Comedy Club (NY)

*Subject to change for incoming bookings

In its inaugural year the IMEA Awards has nominated Wordsmith for “HipHop Male Vocalist of the Year”. On November 2nd Independent Artists from around the world will embark on The Paramount Arts Center to walk the red carpet and see if they will be taken home an award. Though the IMEA committee will ultimately decide the winners; fans, family and friends can cast a vote for their favorite artists per category to increase their chances of winning.


“The Blue Collar Recital” will be available everywhere Digitally, while Physical copies of the album can be purchased worldwide via Amazon On Demand and in Baltimore via The Soundgarden & Pedx on September 17th!


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