A HipHop Artist Saved My Life

A HipHop Artist Saved My Life


How the tragedy of 9-11 and my one day meeting of a particular artist dramatically changed my life.

We will always remember where we were on September 11, 2001.  I was at home going through the same emotions everyone else was.  Though something inside of me was saying this was way more than coincidental.  Now, I have no problem owning up to the fact that my analytical mentality runs away with me at times. But after just seeing a 2nd plane go into the World Trade Centers, I think it was safe to say these people were just murdered.  It was a sad and confusing day that turned into weeks of curiosity and questions.

Over the next few weeks, we all tried to get some normalcy back in our lives. Much time later, a group of us, S-Five, Jodie, Ccelli, DJ NoPhrillz, drove to New York City so S-Five could perform at a Zulu Nation event.  We got there early and stopped at a studio where another artist who would be performing at the same event was finishing working on a track.  When we got inside we all drifted towards the room where the artist Hakim Green was working. Everyone said their hello’s and then everyone except Hakim left the room. Since I knew they were doing the lunch – ‘dessert’ thing and I had a chance to listen to Hakim Green (yes, of Channel Live) record, I just sat there.  He was laying down a track for the soundtrack to a movie. The movie was to be about 9-11 and the truth’s many of us were searching for (but we’ll get into that later).  As I sat there and listened I wondered why he didn’t choose to stop and parlay like most artists  I’ve encountered artists all the time who see food and company enter the building and drop everything. But not him. This and the fact that again this is Hakim Green intrigued me to sit back, watch, and listen.

A little later we found our way to the event and when I walked in I was totally blown away. I was among Kurtis Blow and many other legends of hip hop. Still to this day I say I’m not worthy to have been there, but DEF wasn’t worthy that night for sure. I was young, and way more rambunctious then I should have been for my age. But that night, I took it all in and found a new respect for hip hop. All the artists who performed talked to me. Not person to person but through their lyrics. I had forgotten hip hop was more than just a word.

After that night I started following Hakim’s moves and listening to his tracks. The presence that he carried with him was one of intellect, respect, and strength which he shared with his fans willingly. Many a nights I’ve read his posts, read the stories he’s shared, and learned. I became aware. I was more aware to why I should be aware. Long story short, he opened my eyes. Over the years I think about how much I have grown as a person and can’t help but think about that night. Working in the music industry teaches you a lot but I honestly don’t think I’d be who I am today if it wasn’t for the fact I had someone to strive to be like.  In the past I never was too worried about the repercussions my promoting music had, until my eyes were open.

And now to present day: total turnaround. I’ve used my voice to not only keep true hip hop alive but to also inform others and hopefully help them ‘open their eyes’ too. It’s what hip hop is truly about. It is why it’s a culture. Never in a million years would I have thought my life would be changed starting with that one artist.  Though I have a lot more growing to do, I encourage it and can’t help but want to thank this artist. He deserves to know anything I do to help another and/or accomplish is only a trickle down effect that HE started.  Hip Hop is powerful ladies and gentlemen, but it’s only powerful because of it’s leaders. To all the artists that keep hip hop alive and are true to the game: THANK YOU! And to Hakim Green: Much respect and a million thanks!

-Krissy B.

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