10 Things That Would Happen If Wutang Paid Homage To Drake

We all know Drake supposedly paid homage to Wutang by releasing a track entitled ‘Wutang Forever’.  With Wutang recording verses for their own upcoming track it makes us wonder, what would happen if Wu did the same and paid homage to Drake?


10 Things That Would Happen If Wutang Paid Homage To Drake

The Pro’s & Con’s as if this would EVER happen (scoff)….

First we’d have to get over the initial shock by assuming it’s a fake internet rumor…


but as the world finds out the rumors are true, we’ll start with an inevitable Con:
Riots would break out as Wu fans take in the news….


But let’s look to the brighter side of things,  a Pro to this could be:
Better Find Your Love Part 2 comes out in which the Killa Beez come through and totally demolish the bad guys. In the end, Nicki Minaj is seen secretly hooking up with the enemy and fans anticipate Part 3….


and unfortunately in other news, a down side might be…
The Dawson Creek guy would be assasinated as a pre-emptive strike by NWA fans…


But Hey, at least:
You’d hear a Wu track on mainstream radio!


Another mainstream move tho is that Paris would probably marry Drake and they’d name their first baby ‘Bud Bythe Graham’ following a new ‘homage’ trend that all this started.


We’d find out Jay’s reaction that the homage didn’t include him and he’d quickly copyright the words BluePrint ……


Another unfortunate moment could be if our Government confuses Drake as being the 10th member of Wu, and bails out MMG records which ultimately leads to the Great Mass Depression of 2014.


But if this all does happen, who’s to say it’s a bad thing after all? Wutang is Forever! They’d probably  just later release papers proving they own Drake’s rights, cripple the government’s hold on money by claiming ownership, Method Man becomes President and Wutang saves the world.


But at the end of the day, through all of this ^^^ the following will happen at least 23 times a day:


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