Vinnie Paz “God Bless”

Vinnie Paz “God Bless”


From Vinnie Paz’s new EP “Carry On Tradition” available digitally October 29th, 2013 and on special edition vinyl on November 19th, 2013. Produced by Mikey Bingo.

Vinnie Paz “God Bless”

(from Carry On Tradition EP)

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Vinnie Paz “Carry On Tradition” Tracklist

1. God Bless
2. The Devil’s Ransom featuring Jarren Benton & Lawrence Arnell
3. No More Games featuring Chris Rivers & Spit Gemz
4. Envy The Dead featuring Scott Stallone
5. Bleed For Me featuring ZILLA, Sino & Blacastan
6. In the Middle Of Nowhere featuring Lawrence Arnell, Slaine & Rite Hook
7. Innermost Hate featuring G-Mo Skee
8. Is Happiness Just A Word? featuring Yes Alexander

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