The Beatfonics Crew – Yusef Lateef Session (out in October)


The Beatfonics Crew is proud to be back with another tribute.
After having payed homage to ‘the Delfonics’, the italian conglomerate is ready to deliver a whole project based on the living legend Yusef Lateef.
10 tracks which feature the sax, the flute, the vibe of a great artist, will be provided to you in October by the name of ‘Yusef Lateef Session’
Don’t miss it, stay tuned on the facebook page.
The Beatfonics Crew is coming again!

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Video and beat by Sup Nasa

Beatfonics Artworks by Gianluca Renga :

Jazzy Gentle –
Sup Nasa –
Opera aka Silenzio –
Nitrox a.k.a. Charlie –
StayReal! –
T_One –
Jammineye –
Gico –
JP Balboa –
Afryx_Q –
Bisty –

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