Highlighting Hidden Gems : Camden’s IDEA Performing Arts Center


I Just Want To Be Me.

These are the words I hear from my 15 year old daughter when she’s expressing her love for performing on stage. Having creative expression has always been a luxury of ours growing up. Using your imagination, daring to dream big and believing raw talent and creativity can always be an outlet was for many kids a way of life.  Things have definitely changed and as a parent I’ve realized these windows of opportunities are far and few between.  Between lack of funding, {and other things}, organizations that once offered many programs for children are hard to find. So I must say I was totally blown away when I recently was sent an interview with Camden NJ’s IDEA Performing Arts Center’s CEO and founder, Cynthia Primas. In this hidden gem interview with Side-B Radio 103.3fm’s Phil Jackson, we learn a lot of information from Primas explaining the many opportunities the Performing Arts Center offers.  Phil Jackson speaks with Primas about the importance of her non-profit organization which has it’s own performing arts center located in the Susquehanna Bank Center at the Camden Waterfront.  Some of the services/programs mentioned were working with kids 13-21, with projects as ‘Careers of the Arts’ training youth in sound engineering, graphic design and a T.V. productions show. A jazz camp, Standup for the Arts, are just a few more ways they give kids a voice. They work with kids to do theater, allowing them to learn behind the scenes to offering  dance (visual arts).  IDEA not only serves Camden’s youth but allow and welcome children from all surrounding areas. Adults are welcome to participate in adult programs such as video, spotlight cafe, open-mic and more.

Listen to the full interview with Cynthia Primas (IDEA Performing Arts Center) and Phil Jackson (Side-B Radio 103.3fm) for more information and to hear about upcoming events!


The Institute for the Development of Education in the Arts (IDEA) was founded in 1996 to serve as a healing presence in the lives of the City’s adolescents, 46 percent of whom live in poverty.  IDEA is a creative learning organization that exists to create better futures for youth in Camden and throughout Southern New Jersey, by tapping into their creative spirit in order to inspire and give power to their dreams and aspirations through arts education.

IDEA Performing Arts Center (Facebook)

Side-B Radio 103.3fm (Facebook)

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