LYRICALLY FIT @ Trocadero [Philly] Thanksgiving Eve Event


“This event is going to be classic. Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest party night of the year and we plan on doing it BIG! We have one of Philadelphia hottest  groups the 30 & over League coming to wreck shop. We’re not stopping there, we have the Dysfunkshunal Familee who was number one in the nation on college chart radio back in October of this year. They will be coming from Brooklyn, Ny to bless us with pure Hip Hop madness. On top of that we have one of Jerzee’s illest rising stars, Trazsh Man. They will be accompanied by Mark Gaines, Omega Ice and Spazz who all have a tremendous amount of buzz right now in the industry.  If you want to entertain your out of town relatives on Thanksgiving Eve, take them to the Trocadero. The Lyrically Fit Mc’s will have them talking about how dope the artist were at Thanksgiving Dinner!!”


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