The Biggest Art Crime Was Committed Today : 5Pointz Genocide


“I repeat 5 pointz is gone ..painted white over night we almost got arrested”. These were the words written on the Twitter page for the graffiti mecca located in NYC.

It started out as the Phun Phactory in 1993 thanks to Pat DiLillo. DiLillo formed a program called Graffiti Terminators. The point was to discourage graffitti vandalism and give them an outlet for their work.



In 2002, graffitti artist Meres [Jonathon Cohen] started working on the building’s work along with other legends in the game like Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope2, Part, SPE, and TATS CRU.  Some of the artists to perform their in the early years were Doug E. Fresh, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Kaz, Mobb Deep, Rahzel, DJ JS-1, Boot Camp Clik, and more.  Jam Master Jay’s portrait was one of the first works created there.


Though it was beautiful to look at, the structure of the building was falling apart, stages were built without permits, unfortunate accidents happened, and in April 2009, the New York City Buildings department ordered it be closed. Now in 2013, the New York City Planning Commission has voted to turn it into a $400 million dollar housing area. Developer, David Wolkoff plans to have the building demolished by the end of this year. 5Pointz fought in court and was granted a 10 day restraining order. But on November 13th, 2013, Cohen was served papers to officially stop any and all artwork.


Unfortunately last night was the end of all ends for 5Pointz. With what 5Pointz claims was with no permit or right, they painted over the walls of the building.







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