‘Jam Master Jay Tribute’ ft. TJ Mizell + DJ Scratch

TJ Mizell pays tribute to his late father, Jam Master Jay with DJ Scratch

It is an honor to release of the official **Jam Master Jay Tribute Video** for this very special edition of TJ’s Tuesdays on Jason Mizell’s Birthday. TJ Mizell and the renowned DJ Scratch pay homage in from of the Jam Master Jay memorial in Hollis, Queens. The duo pays their respect for the fallen legend with a tag team routine showcasing the timeless art of turntablism.

Thanks to Mass Appeal For this Amazing Video.

This is the second installation in a weekly Tuesday video series that will be released by TJ. Check out the TJ Mizell x Jay Z release [here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuW3sV…).


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