Be Part of Mobb Deep’s New Album + Tour Info


New Album & World Tour

Join the Mobb Deep movement. Pre-order our new album and we’ll let you peak into the lab to see how we work!

You already know the biggest game in town, Mobb Deep.

In March 2014 we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ‘The Infamous’ to mark this we are releasing our New Album with a World Tour! This time we wanted to release the album differently than we’ve ever done before. We want to come back and reach the fans and the supporters and the streets that made use who we are…. Means a lot to us. We want to be able to say thank you.

You can pre-order our new album, Mobb Deep, right here and get an exclusive access to unreleased tracks from The Infamous album.

Prodigy & HavocWe grew up being inspired by great records…. Buying records and cassettes, and not just looking at the artwork, but reading the credits. What happened behind the scenes was our inspiration, our motivation, and inspired us to want to be somebody.

By pre-ordering our album on PledgeMusic, you’ll get that behind-the-scenes look into the making of the album and the everyday grind. There are some things you can’t just tweet, you need to see, hear and experience. We want to show you that this is what life is like when you go hard, when you commit to something, when you stand behind something, when you believe in something. Plus you’ll get the album download before it hits stores and we’ve got a list of exclusive swag and chances for us to chill.

For us, it’s never necessarily been about the numbers. It’s the love. You grind for the best, but we really want to just do our thing and satisfy the people who love us.

We’re never too big to embrace the fans and the people who support us. So to our supporters – thank you.


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