New Miniseries : The Underground Kings : Ep 1-4


“Conquer or be Conquered”

Set in Philadelphia, this show centers around the cities police corruption and criminal underworld. It starts in Harrisburg as Harrisburg undercover cop Jayson Wylie is shot and left for dead in a botched drug bust. His partner Noah Carter learns information from a DEA agent Daniel House out of Philadelphia whose been investigating his wife’s overdosing death that this shooting was not accidental, but a set up.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Jack Wilcox whom is an advisor to the Harrisburg Police Departments Narcotics Division tips off Smooth, one of Philadelphia’s largest crime bosses that his guys Rashaad and Will are about to be taken down by Jayson and his team. Smooth alerts his guy’s about the drug bust and they attempt to eradicate the problem. Agent Daniel House is successfully able to talk Noah into going undercover in Philadelphia to expose the police corruption in the city, take down Smooth’s criminal empire and avenge both his wife and Noah’s partners “perceived” to be death.

promo-theundergroundkingsAs Noah infiltrates Smooth’s organization, he learns that Smooth is just one crab in the cities barrel of many, fighting to climb to the top of Philly’s crime chain. Smooth’s main oppositions in the diversified city are Cuban, his larger then life Hispanic drug connect out of North Philly, Giovanni a South Philly Italian that owns gambling houses, number running and is looking to diversify into the narco business and Eric, his childhood friend and longtime partner whom has a gambling problem and doesn’t feel Smooth gives him the respect that he deserves.

And while these gentleman jockeys each other for position, Lieutenant Wilcox stands there with a lid in one hand a glove on the other carefully picking and choosing whom he wants to assist when its convenient for him. If at anytime he believes his career or reputation is being put in jeopardy, he is quickly prepared to cage all of them before any harm can come his way. .

The Underground Kings : Ep 1-4

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