VERSEatyle : The Reel *Movie​-​Mixtape* Free Download!

VERSEatyle : The Reel [Movie​-​Mixtape]

Free Download!

The ReelEmcee and producer VERSEatyle unloads his latest project, The Reel. The 14 track piece features production ranging from old school hip-hop, electronic, and trap, allowing the San Diego Hybrid to display his “VERSEatility” both lyrically and sonically. The concept behind the project is in the style of a motion picture, as audio clips from major films are choreographed throughout to create more mental imagery.

VERSEatyleVERSEatyle embraces the essence of hip-hop broad range of flows and subject matter. He also produces beats as well. Believes that “There’s a time to be commercial and a time to express lyrics.. Pretty much there’s a certain time for everything. I wanna fit every criteria in Hip-Hop period. I wanna help show people that its ok to think outside the box, and influence people to do so themselves. We all got our own individuality, so shed that shit on everyone else.” Striving to be an asset to all 4 hip-hop elements as well. (MC, Bboy, Graffiti, DJ).

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