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It’s about breaking the established conventions of art. It’s a testament of society’s tendency to thrive on hindsight and condemnation. Every entity of this album is an example of a ‘cult classic’ or a work of art that was initially ignored and later classified as ‘ahead of its time’ to justify said denunciation.


The initiative is to prove that movies alone are not the only ‘cult classics.’ Inventions are ‘cult classics’, people, ideas, etc. Anything that can be classified as different or extraordinary qualifies. Anything that is created with the intention of positively influencing the world qualifies. Anything that is initially rejected and disregarded and whose value is only realized through the conventions of hindsight qualifies…

Each track on this album is a ‘cult classic’ or references one.

The opening track, “The Sega Dreamcast Era”, references Sega’s last game console, which was so undersold and under-appreciated during its initial introduction, that it halted Sega’s production of next-gen consoles for over 14 years. However if one were to examine the make-up of the Dreamcast, they would realize that it is the very blueprint of every single next-gen console to be released since. The idea is that it does not matter how society perceives or receives the positive influence that your creation provides, as long as your influence is indeed positive.

“Vincent Vega” is track that serves as a reference to a fictional character from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction.” Tarantino, himself, is an example of a ‘cult classic’ that at one time produced, well, ‘cult classics.’ Before his films garnered mainstream appeal and success, he was considered to be nothing more than a sideshow director, who desperately needed the help of Harvey Keitel to raise funding for his films.

The notion of a ‘cult classic’ is a classification of energy and influence rather than a term used solely in the world of cinema and this album was designed to make that perfectly clear.



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