STAR Wilds Out On Hakim Green Over Rosenberg Interview

Chuck D said it best,  “it’s gonna be a long summer of words”. Sigh

Star went to the phone lines recently to get people’s reactions to the latest interview between Hakim Green and Peter Rosenberg.  For those that missed it, let us fill you in a little or check it out here. Long story short, Hakim Green let Rosenberg speak. Rosenberg seemed to have an excuse and back pedal out of everything he was asked about. Those that listened to the interview and had any common sense could figure this out. We can hear Rosenberg admit that corporations control radio playlists and he even says he’s a sell out. Star didn’t even listen to the whole interview to have a say on it, but I guess it was time for the youtube show so take a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Star’s bullsh*t with Hakim Green at the 6 minute marker

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