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24 Hour Hip Hop
Carin Lee
Latest Hip Hop video, music, news, rumors, reviews and fashion.
Articles, audio, reviews, chat, boards etc. Subm
it your music for review through
PO Box 4075, Tallahassee, FL 32315
A to the L
News, reviews, interviews and MP3s. If you’re a labe
l looking to have product reviewed, an artist looking
for a spotlight or interview, another site looking to
link to, a disgruntled Eminem fan with a
love of e-mail viruses, or someone from Nigeria tryi
ng to transfer 16 million dollars into my account, then
by all means get in touch with me.
Amalgamation Magazine
Hip Hop and R&B magazine targeting urban professional
s with the goal of providing an informative,
intelligent and polished look at
the entertainment industry.
4104 24th
St. #105, San Francisco, CA 94114 Attn: A&R Dept.
PH: 415-821-7965
We accept CDs, records and DVDs. DO NOT e-mail MP
3s, they will be deleted. Be sure to write your
name, phone number and e-mail address on the “actual CD
” as well. We cannot acknowledge receipt of
your submission. There is no need to call or e-ma
il to make sure the package has been received. If we like
the music we will contact you.
The mindset of a champion
Concrete Loop
Urban entertainment news and reviews. Ha
s spotlights featuring unsigned artists
Hip-Hop Wired
We will raise the bar for what we expect of Hip
Hop artist by asking them
challenging and engaging
questions. Our motto is just because you’re from th
e hood doesn’t mean that your mentality has to remain
there. Smarten up! Hip-Hop Wired will document th
e Hip-Hop culture and artist and be one of their
primary voices to help them reach new heights
but we will also take them to task and hold them
accountable when they need to be checked. Hip-Hop
Wired will also provide a voice to non-mainstream
artist who have a message that desperately needs to
be heard but is suppressed by major record label
machines and mainstream media outlets.
If you’re a publicist, manager or label representative
and you’d like to request that we cover your artist,
get in touch (we don’t accept requests directly from the artists).
Daily information from around the world. If you’d
like to have your music reviewed please send it via
PO Box 71473, Las Vegas, NV 89170-1473
Reviews and interesting items related to Hip Hop.
HipHopStardom101 Magazine
1515 Broadway 11
Fl. New York, NY 10036
PH: 718-679-9632
The #1 source for underground, indie & unsigned Hip Hop stars!
The H.Y.P.E. Magazine
Operates as a web portal with limited edition print issues and a monthly mixtape magazine. H.Y.P.E.
stands for “How You Perceive Everything.” It is d
esigned to provide its patrons with relevant
entertainment, music news, eye-catching consumer ads
, and music reviews of their favorite established
entertainers; while spotlighting independen
t artists seeking to gain greater exposure.
Insomniac Magazine
Features interviews, articles and revi
ews. Insomniac’s founders have been
involved within the industry
and culture of Hip Hop for over two decades. Our mission statement is very simple: “Insomniac is
dedicated to providing quality Hip Hop related me
dia and products for those who can’t sleep on Hip
Hop.” NOTE: There is a FEE for reviews.
Makin’ It Magazine
Our goal is to provide aspiring ar
tists and industry professionals with
the information, opportunities and
resources they need to succeed in today’s Urban musi
c industry. What started as a simple four page
newsletter in 2007, has grown to a nationally dist
ributed magazine with various online properties,
mixtape series and promotional programs designed to c
onnect independents to the industry. With a focus
on education and community, our goal
is to help our subscribers turn
their passions into a careers.
Murder Dog
Murder Dog
164 Robles Dr. #257, Vallejo, CA 94591
PH: 707-553-8191
America’s #1 Rap magazine. Send us 2 copies of your CD for review.
Muzique Magazine
Online Hip Hop magazine that features an indepe
ndent Hip Hop artist interview each issue
At Muzique
Magazine you will find extensive content covering everythi
ng from daily news/blogs, exclusive features to
videos, music and lifestyle that brings
the sound and vision direct to you.
Nine5Four The Magazine
An online magazine for ALL unsigned talent.
It’s not WHERE we live, it’s HOW we live
Okay Player
c/o Reviews, 281 N. 7
St. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Artists, reviews, insights and much more.
Ozone Magazine
Your favorite rapper’s favorite website.
4750 Kester Ave. #11, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
PH: 818-917-2217
The true voice of Hip Hop!
11037 Warner Ave. #136, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Whether you are a Producer, R&B singer or Rap Artist,
We’d like to hear your stuff. Any audio files sent
thru e-mail will be deleted automatically.
We DO NOT review audio files sent thru e-mail!
Rapsoulution Magazine
Anna ‘L.A.’ The Writer a
Digital Urban magazine with focus on indie artists. Wh
en sending us your music, be sure to correctly tag
your track. Submissions without proper tags are not a
cceptable. Include your information is a separate e-
mail as we do not have the time to look around and atte
mpt to ‘find’ you to respond to your submissions.
The Resource Magazine
PH: 619-866-4792
Here to help promote and educate the independent
artist and network the circuit of our ever growing
Urban market.
Ron Hunter
The latest music news, reviews, artist info, contests and more!
The Source Magazine
Unsigned Hype
3637Ave. 6
Fl. New York, NY 10001
PH: 646-559-8314 FX: 646-559-8318
Hip Hop magazine with a section that
covers independent
and unsigned artists.
8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-398, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5912
One of North America’s longest running and most
trusted independent music publications, covering
emergent music and the lifestyles that surround it. Launched on the principle that what is occurring
beneath the surface and outside the range of
mainstream eyes and ears was worth celebrating and
documenting, URB remains the vanguard for what’s next.
XPOZ Magazine
112 N. Central #A7, Phoenix, AZ 85004
PH: 602-218-2202
The bridge for popular MCs and DJs, as well as
independent/up-and-coming MCs and DJs to expose
their product and themselves to the world.
1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
PH: 212-807-7100 FX: 212-620-7787
Features eye candy, street team, articles and more.

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