Hip Hop Promotion And Marketing Contacts : Hip Hop Directory 2014

Hip Hop Promotion And Marketing Contacts : Hip Hop Directory 2014


Audio Hype
PH: 347-829-9038
Patrick Appau busin
A music promotion site that provides new and upcom
ing Hip Hop and R&B artists with promotional
assistance. Audio Hype provides different features for
our users to interact with. Artists have the ability to
upload their music and share it with their fans. Our
video section provides storage for recorded music or
in studio performances. We at Audio Hype also ai
m to provide upcoming artists a medium to further
develop their music, and help them build a larger fan base.
Avala DSF Music Group
PO Box 54478, Phoenix, AZ 85078
PH: 480-306-8665 FX: 480-275-3239
Mia Bajin info@avaladsf.com
Hip Hop marketing and promotional company. Our goal
is focused on helping to build, maintain and
promote your business and career. Services include di
stribution, music placement, booking and event
planning, major artist features, press kits and release
info, business consulting and legal help, marketing
and business development plans, production and songw
riting, communication and media support,
establishment of product & service, communication a
nd relationship building, developing the internal
processes, web design and hosting solutions, in
ternet marketing and multimedia development.
Baby G Publishing
17328 Ventura Blvd. #430, Encino, CA 91316
PH: 818-344-9900
Rachel Noelle info@babygmusic.com
A boutique entertainment firm specializing in tale
nt management, music publishing & artist development
worldwide. The company founded & operated by the
experienced executive management team of Rachel
Noelle & Philip Giunta have assembled and developed a te
am of amazing talent that will help redefine
the future of the every changing music industry. Baby
G Music has achieved tremendous success in being
part of over 20 million in worldwide record sales,
working with the greats such as Madonna, Justin
Bieber & Flo Rida to name a few, Top 20 Billboard hits & international success!
Bootcamp Enterprises
Shane Wall shane@bootcampenterprises.com
Hip Hop and R&B entertainment agency that will heig
hten and raise the awareness of your project(s).
We will generate a bizz, provide street team promotion
and will hold or host your event(s). We are offer a
CD and digital distribution network that is one of the largest in the world.
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes & Magazine
PH: 786-953-6522 FX: 786-513-0881
Promotion that will actually reach the music industry and create a larger than life buzz
Crazybaby Entertainment
18835 La Costa Ln. Boca Raton, FL 33496
PH: 561-206-7247
Kenneth Jackson info@crazybabyentertainment.com
Urban artist development, management and record label.
G5 Music Media, Marketing and Management
Joe Wiggans wiggins@g5musicmedia.com
At G5 we cannot guarantee you success because succ
ess initially comes from within those who seek it and
believe in themselves. But we do believe in working
together with the artist as
well as our staff to
accomplish any goals set forth to push, drive and la
unch careers for any artist that’s worthy of the
Heavyweights Record Pool
14731 Manecita Dr. La Mirada, CA 90638
PH: 888-998-2041
Truly OdD heavyweightsent@aol.com
An outlet for labels trying to get their records to th
e most predominant DJs who actually will play and
promote your records.
HomeBase Promotions
PO Box 680152, San Antonio, TX 78268
PH: 210-764-4760 FX: 210-764-4761
Promotions company providi
ng profile listings, press releases, reviews and event management.
Specializing in Hip Hop and R&B music genres
Iconoclast Multimedia
An international Hip Hop music marketing and
licensing firm, that provides customized business
solutions to independent artists
and record companies worldwide.
Legacy Star Entertainment
PH: 407-470-9692
Will Clark wclark@legacystarent.com
We provide professional development services incl
uding marketing, public relations, event marketing &
promotions as well as radio prom
otion for Hip Hop and R&B artists. We also offer physical and digital
distribution to Japan. Please contact us
for consideration or questions on services.
Major Key Entertainment
Produces, markets, and promotes commercially viable Hi
p Hop and R&B. Major Key is engaged with a
limited roster of artists which translates into a high
er quality product for the consumer. This high quality
product coupled with an intensive marketing strate
gy results in success for Major Key and its artists.
MBT & E Group
(MusikBarn Travel & Entertainment Group)
PO Box 910146, Lexington, KY 40591
PH: 240-507-6550 FX: 413-451-6879
J. Mitchell jmitchell@mbtandegroup.com
A company that provides Hip H
op artist management, marketing/prom
otions, touring support/travel
logistics & security consulting.
Mic Check Productions
2320 Coawood Ct. #200, Maitland, FL 32751
PH: 224-280-8283
Bianca Garrison-Quick PR@miccheckpro.com
A full-service production company that specializes in
Hip Hop artist development, music production,
music composition, music publishing and more!
Moore Relations
PO Box 101, Marion, SC 29571
PH: 843-410-3680
Our approach to PR and Marketing is unparalleled.
You get customized approaches to innovative
campaigns. We are Influential, Unconventional, Sy
mbolic, and Respected. We get personal. You get
Next Wright Marketing & Promotion
Offers services for Urban artists t
hat include radio marketing and promo
tions, digital marketing, mobile
marketing, web design, album release planning, special event coordination, and music and video
Phenomenal Music Group
A Hip Hop and R&B music production company that
takes a holistic approach using all of our resources
available to enhance the abilities of the band or artis
t regarding the art and sound of their music. Our
mission is to establish relationships and partnership
s for mutual capitalization; while implementing
innovative plans that would increase name branding and
exposure; capture a st
ronger presence through
our demographically diverse customer base to ex
pand and increase market share; and create positive
community based programs that will provide educa
tional opportunities and economic assistance through
established relationships, entertainment programs,
events and curriculum and to maintain the highest
ethical and moralist standards in ALL of our business dealings.
Thompkins Marketing
3350 Hwy 6 #403, Sugar Land, TX 77478
PH: 832-209-1364 FX: 801-469-5035
TC Thompkins ceo@thompkinsmarketing.com
Urban promotions, distribution & entertainment consultant

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