Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – “Humble Pi” || Official Music Video

Apollo Brown & Ras Kass

“Humble Pi”

Official Music Video


From intestines to chitlins, from old dusty records to Hiphop, necessity has always been the mother of invention. Nobody knows this better than hiphop stalwarts Apollo Brown & Ras Kass. Today they’re breaking down the mathematics of change on their new song, Humble Pi that debuted this afternoon at XXL
As Ras Kass’ legacy has been written into the annals of Hiphop, he’s watched plenty of his compatriots stumble – something that reminds him of Momma reading Proverbs 16: Pride Comes Before A Fall. With that spirit Ras Kass & Apollo Brown take up the tools of their craft to reflect and recreate some Humble Pi. 
Directed by Jay Brown, the new video is the first from Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’ eagerly anticipated upcoming album “Blasphemy.”
October 28th, Pick up what
Apollo Brown & Ras Kass are putting down.

Get it on: iTunes

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