Lil Wayne’s Zulu Nation Induction Good For Hip Hop?

 Hip Hop History Month comes to an end with the news that Universal Zulu Nation member Q Tip is welcoming it’s newest member: Lil Wayne.

Hip Hop Culture and The Universal Zulu Nation go hand in hand as being the First family of Hip Hop Culture and the ones who called all the Elements of Hip Hop. Calling women Queens and Men Kings. So it came as a shocker when it was announced by Q Tip to “Help me in welcoming @LilTunechi to fold of the Zulus”. Considering Lil Wayne seems to be about everything UZN is opposed to, there’s been numerous questions as to Q Tip’s recent message.

There’s been tons of controversy of Lil Wayne over the years from stomping on the American flag, mentioning civil rights martyr Emmett Till, kissing Baby and his all out irresponsible type lyrics. Universal Zulu Nation on the other hand sends the message of unity, respect, and responsibility.  Formed in the 70’s with the help of Afrika Bambaataa the UZN has welcomed many new members of the last 4 decades including Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Q Tip and more. So what could be the connection Q Tip seen with UZN and Lil Wayne? Fact is, Lil Wayne has numerous political messages in his lyrics. His reach is enormous but just as Wayne is growing up, so are a lot of his followers. UZN spreads teachings that could ultimately help Hip Hop make a connection not seen in 40 years. A re-birth of Hip Hop some could call it.

Would it be so bad?

UZN is formed of very educated members. Are those who oppose this new relationship scared of the impact/influence Lil Wayne will bring? Personally, I believe UZN has the power to teach Lil Wayne a thing or two. And that’s what they’ve always been about. No one wants a disconnect in Hip Hop. A mainstream/indie/underground game. Its all one culture at the end of the day. Seems Q Tip is embracing Lil Wayne into the Universal Zulu Nation and it’s a respectable thing to do. UZN can benefit from his reach while teaching this youngin a little something. Imagine Lil Wayne sitting down with Q Tip, Rakim and KRS-One on a regular basis to build Hip Hop together and learn together. Now that’s Hip Hop, I mean, one can hope right? Q Tip had to see somehthing positive coming from this.

Fingers Crossed.

Whats your thoughts?

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