M.O.P’s Billy Danze Reveals How Remy Ma Got On ‘Ante Up’ Remix

M.O.P’s Billy Danze Reveals How Remy Ma Got On ‘Ante Up’ Remix http://www.vladtv.com – In this VladTV exclusive, M.O.P.’s Billy Danze explains the success of “Ante Up,” how Remy Ma got on the remix and why they had to remove Prodigy’s verse from the song.

Danze says he and Lil Fame had an idea about the group in the 90’s but started to take it more seriously towards the end of the decade. Even though there were heroes in the game like Rakim, the group wasn’t inspired by the rappers at the time. While finding the group’s sound, Danze says hardcore rap was their playing field. Soon after, “Ante Up” was released and it became the group’s biggest hit.

Danze says a lot of people doubted their success, so much so that the Brooklyn native believed that “Ante Up” wasn’t going to blow up. He also revealed that a few artists were considered for the remix, including Jay Z and Prodigy. Since the two had beef at the time, Prodigy’s verse was removed from the song. Since the group had a close relationship with Big Pun and Fat Joe, they went with Remy Ma instead.

Check out the interview above. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMBr0RvX3a4

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