Demonstration: How You Do A Tour (Trailer)

Demonstration: How You Do A Tour (Trailer) You Should Subscribe Here Now:
This Wednesday, Tinie Tempah will release a unique documentary that opens the curtain on the road life of a UK rap star, titled Demonstration: How You Do a Tour.

It marks just a year since Tinie released his Demonstration album in 2013, and this film will focus on the major tour that followed it. The tour shows how Tinie and his team could worked on preparing something that would change the live pop concert game, and How You Do a Tour intends on showing you just how that happened.

We’ll be premiering the full documentary on Wednesday at 6pm, but for now, here’s the first look at the trailer…

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Directed and Edited by Chaz Challingham-Woods and Jack Munsch
Executive Producers Dumi Oburota and Patrick Okogwu
Executive Editor Sandy Cheema
Creative Director Obi Oburota

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