Pusha T Discusses His adidas Originals EQT Collaboration

Pusha T Discusses His adidas Originals EQT Collaboration If you’ve only been paying attention to adidas lately in order to see its long-awaited collaboration with Kanye West, you’re missing out. Because another G.O.O.D. Music artist worked with the brand recently, and the result is a banger. Complete with cracked Italian leather, Pyrex measurements on the sole, and fish scales on the heel, the $200 EQT Running Guidance ’93 that Pusha T designed is as luxurious and cocaine-fueled as his braggadocios flow. Anyone familiar with Pusha’s work should recognize where this shoe came from.

But this collaboration, at least in its present form, almost didn’t happen. It’s not what Pusha wanted to do with adidas. “I really came to adidas to try to do something with soccer, and it didn’t pan out. My thinking was a little off base,” Pusha told us before a brief, one-song appearance at adidas Originals’ pop-up gallery on Wooster Street in New York City. “Then they brought up a shoe, and I was like, ‘Nah, not really,’ because I’m really particular about my shoes. They came back to me with it, and I had some silhouette options. Then I was like, ‘This EQT Guidance, I can work with it.’”

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