Daylyt Fires at Eminem: “Tell Em I’m the Rap God” – Daylyt released a brand new track titled “Xmas Day,” where he truly displays his lyrical abilities in full.
Many people have Daylyt twisted and think that he is only watchable due to his unpredictable antics, but in reality, Daylyt’s pen game is “on fleek.” During his new bar-heavy song, he sends a major shot at Eminem when he states, “Tell Em I’m the ‘Rap God.'” Day was playing off of Eminem’s single “Rap God,” while sending a lyrical challenge to him simultaneously. He concludes the song with another shot at Em when he spits, “I ain’t saying no names, but I’m a go at Em.”

Check out Daylyt’s new track above, and look out for his album, Blue Pill, which will be dropping on January 1st, 2015.

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