Charlie Clips Addresses T-Rex Calling His Dad a “Snitch” at SM4 – In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, Charlie Clips addressed the extremely personal allegations thrown out during T-Rex’s third round in their Smack/URL Summer Madness 4 battle, that his father is a “snitch.”

Charlie’s father is currently serving life in prison for past cases, and while Clips spoke on the matter in his incredible third round rebuttal, he explained his family situation in full here. Clips does believe that his third round rebuttal was the best in Battle Rap history due to the fact that many fans have praised him with that recognition already.

He touched on growing up in the same building that his father used to hustle in, and how his mother was really the one who raised him after his father was taken to prison. Clips explained certain facts that T-Rex falsely stated in his third round, and also added that his grandmother did time in federal prison in connection to his father’s case without snitching as well. Charlie has lots of love for his father regardless of what he may or may not have said or done in the past.

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