GT Jack Calls Out NBA & Gangs for Lacking Support of Eric Garner – GT Jack returned to VladTV to discuss the numerous killings of Black men in America at the hands of police officers in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Journalist Michael Hughes.

GT Jack explained why he wasn’t surprised when Darren Wilson was let off by the grand jury for killing Michael Brown. However, he does think that the case has hopes of being picked up by federal law officials which may lead to Wilson being put on trial. The decision not to indict Officer Pantaleo who strangled Eric Garner was more shocking to Jack, due to the fact that the entire murder was caught on camera.

He called out NBA players and the league as a whole for showing a lack of support for the recent slayings. Jack doesn’t think that players simply wearing t-shirts that read “I Can’t Breathe” is enough to really support Eric Garner’s passing. He believes that NBA players should use their platform and celebrity status to step up and actually do something more drastic to effect change. Jack also called out the many gangs within the United States for not using their power to create beneficial outcomes for situations such as this.

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