Brotherhood | Shame On Me (Xmas Special) [Music Video]: SBTV

Brotherhood | Shame On Me (Xmas Special) [Music Video]: SBTV
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Menace: The other day we set out around Ipswich town centre trying to find homeless people but only managed to find a couple and only one that would actually accept anything. This guy was so grateful though, no doubt you’ve probably seen him in town before if you live in Ipswich. We asked him what he wanted, what he needed, and he told me “don’t suppose you’ve got a house” or something along those lines and I can’t lie it broke my heart a bit, but he knew it was out of our power and so he looked around at his ripped backpack and old shoes, and said maybe a new bag, and some shoes… So we got him some coffee, bought him some food, handed him some new socks and gloves, gave him a tenner, went and bought him a pair of trainers, some warm boots and I gave him the backpack off my back.. I’ve never felt so good and bad at the same time, mad…only wish I could’ve got him a house. Inspired though, we need to get rich and really help! Hope we made his day at least! Anyway, hope you enjoy the song!

The real good people are the ones who sponsored us though, didn’t even ask for sponsorship but they heard we were doing it and just gave it to us. Angel!

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