Crooked I: I Get Down With Yelawolf, But Not Confederate Flag – Crooked I sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview, and explained how he felt about Yelawolf’s Shady Cypher at the BET Awards. The Slaughterhouse rapper says that he liked Yelawolf’s verse, and commented on the rapper speaking about his VladTV interview in response to Lord Jamar saying white rappers are guests in Hip-Hop.

The Long Beach native says that he gets down with Yelawolf’s music, calling “Pop The Trunk” a “masterpiece,” but Crooked I can’t get down with the rapper using the Confederate flag. He adds that whether it’s Kanye or Yelawolf using the imagery, Crooked I doesn’t think it should be used in Hip-Hop due to what it stands for.

Check out his full interview in the above slide to hear more of what Crooked I had to say on the topic.

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