Rich Homie Quan: Just ‘Cus I Wear Tight Pants Don’t Mean I’m Gay – Rich Homie Quan explained why he got into a brawl at Adrien Broner’s fight in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.

Rich Homie recalled stepping off of his tour bus to smoke a cigarette, and a man standing nearby began repeatedly calling him “Quany Quan” which enraged him. Rich Homie suspected the man was filming him at the time, as he held up his cell phone with the flashlight turned on, so Rich Homie punched him in the face. Later, after Rich Homie made his way from the boxing ring back to his seat in the crowd, the same man who he punched outside of the venue snuck him with a stiff punch on the left side of his face. From their Rich Homie and his crew swarmed the man and pounded on him, though he was left standing after the brawl dissipated.

Rich Homie then went into a heated rant about how people wrongfully perceive him as being gay simply because he wears tight clothing. He stated that despite what he wears, he is not gay, and will take a man’s girl then beat the man up after he’s done with her.

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