HUGE shouts to DJ Nu-Mark for taking the time out to talk with your folks!

2:14 Earliest HIPHOP memory
6:23 The Come Up
9:37 Jurassic 5
25:30 Did you know? DJ Nu-Mark put Kanye West on vinyl FIRST!
27:05 Production
29:40 DJ Nu-Mark takes us on a tour of his studio
35:25 Toy Set
45:40 DJ Nu-Mark plays the ProTools session of J Dilla’s Drop from The Pharcyde
48:50 Story behind the SlimKid3 and DJ Nu-Mark album cover
58:15 Working with The Lonely Island
1:04:48 Upcoming Projects
1:10:35 Oh Ish! HIPHOP got me here!
1:13:28 Nu-Mark talks about the track “I Know, Didn’t I” and working with the original artist instead of just a sample *Thanks +Chase March
1:27:55 DJ Nu-Mark plays a round of Rapology
More coming soon. Till then, let us know what your favorite parts are.

About DJ Nu-Mark:
Nu-Mark began DJing at the age of 13 in Los Angeles. Over the last two decades, he has amassed an immense collection of rare records from around the world. Nu-Mark’s refined music production and live showmanship regard him as one of the most innovative DJ’s in music culture. |

About Chase March:
I’m an elementary school teacher, a writer, a hip-hop historian, a blogger, and a member of the DOPEfm radio show. I wear quite a lot of hats, and those are just a few. |

About Rapology Trivia App:
The most extensive rap music and hip hop culture trivia app in the world!! Available on both Android and iOS. Class is in session!
Android version:
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About OUR show:
OUR show is a radio show in Orlando, Fl that broadcasts from Rollins College on WPRK 91.5FM Saturdays from 5-7pm playing all types of music with a focus on HIP HOP. Whether HOMEGROWN or Global, Unheard or Well known, if it is DOPE, it gets play on OUR show! | | | | |

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