Birdman’s Miami Condo Set To Be Foreclosed | News

Lil’ Wayne isn’t the only one that wants to cut ties with Birdman.

The Ivy Condo Association, who own the Cash Money CEO’s Miami condo, reportedly filed court documents asking for the no.1 stunna’s home to be foreclosed right before Christmas. Birdman has allegedly failed to pay $12,500 in unpaid fees and has written a slew of bounced checks to the association, which led to the condo board filing a lien on his condo back in November.

Birdman is becoming less of a stranger to cash money woes. He reportedly also has a $1.9 million federal tax lien and a $1 million lien from a construction company.

Via Birdman’s Miami Condo Set To Be Foreclosed | News.

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