Calvin Bacote Says He Predicted Biggie’s Death In Jail -Calvin “Klein” Bacote talked to VladTV exclusively about growing up in the Golden Era of hip-hop and his relationship with record producer Lance “Un” Rivera.

The now author and motivational speaker opened up about his Brooklyn days and knowing a lot of people from the late Notorious B.I.G.’s circle, including Lil Cease. The former dealer says he wish he would have brought around Jay Z during those times so they can battle. He also says he and Rivera used to debate about which rapper was better.

He also says that he predicted Biggie’s death after hearing, “Going Back To Cali” during his time in jail. While behind bars, Klein says he had a feeling something would go wrong since tensions were still high between both coasts. He says that it was a bad marketing ploy at the time for Bad Boy, but it was disappointing to see Biggie unaware of the trouble coming his way.

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