KRS-One: We Should Protest Universities Commodifying Hip Hop – KRS-One broke down his views on the clash of corporate and hip-hop cultures, and the teaching of hip-hop in universities, during a recent chat with Jonathan Gasana.

The legendary emcee discussed whether it’s possible for the corporate world to be compatible with the cultural one, and he feels that they absolutely can, but only if more people with culture bring their knowledge into the corporate life. He recalled the years he spend working as head of A&R at Warner Brothers as an example of this, but says he had to leave after becoming disheartened by all the lying and backstabbing that goes on in that sphere.

The Bronx native moved on to discuss the sham that is the “hip-hop professors” at universities all over the country. KRS-One believes that almost none of these people are qualified to teach a course in hip-hop culture, as most of them have no experience actually making the music they teach about.

Teacha wrapped up by speaking on the futility of protesting against our govenment, as the real entities calling the shots are the corporations. He says if people really want to make a difference, they should be going to universities and protesting there, demanding that education be free. “All universities should teach hip-hop. They should teach hip-hop from a certified cultural hip-hop specialist,” he adds.

Check out the clip up top for more words of wisdom from the hip-hop pioneer.

Source: Jonathan Gasana

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