“Fresh Dressed”: A Documentary on the Fashion of Hip Hop

The film is a Mass Appeal production in partnership with CNN, and counts Nasir Jones as one of its producers.

Style has always been quintessential part of the hip hop ethos, and therefore the film chronicles both the history of “hip hop” fashion, as well as the history of the culture at large. What the film demonstrates is that it’s not how much money an item or outfit costs, but the power ascribed to the pieces. The garments worn by those in hip hop are often not made to be worn by those donning them, but it’s the new energy that hip hop brings to those pieces which is truly special.

A number of important figures in fashion appear in the film, including Kanye West, Andre Leon Tally, Riccardo Tischi, Harlem swag savant Dapper Dan, and Thurston Howell III, one of the founders of the Lo Lifes. The combined narrative of these folks weave a tale which Jenkins says “begins with slavery and ends with what is being rocked today–and what the social implications attached to it all are.”

Fresh Dressed will be released sometime next year, and will subsequently be aired on CNN.

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CNN FILMS x MASS APPEAL present FRESH DRESSED.. Showing at Sundance now !!

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