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Found Tapes is a new weekly show that highlights some of the rarest, weirdest, and sometimes just really cool videos that people send to us. This week, we head down to the Sobe Live Nightclub in South Beach, Miami, to take an uncensored look at where some of the brightest stars in hip-hop were back in 2009.

Hip Hop: Raw & Uncut was a concert series hosted by the Starz Network that focused on in-depth coverage at some of the most intense rappers in the game. Each show spliced together candid interviews with live performances and backstage footage, and featured three or four performers from the upper echelons of mainstream hip-hop. This week’s episode dates back to 2009, and features Stacks Money, Baby Boy Da Prince, Slim Thug, and Noisey ATL star Gucci Mane, offering a rare glimpse at the now-imprisoned trap god in an intimate live setting. Back then, Gucci was at the top of his game, poised to break into the mainstream, and years away from legal trouble, jail time, ice cream cones, and Twitter meltdowns. Here, we simply see a young, hungry rapper doing what he does best.

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