Make Believe [Prod. Oddisee] by Substantial

From Home Is Where The Art Is


INTRO (Sample)
I wish you were real
Instead of make believe.

Where everything’s fair, people live without care
Unless it’s coupled with health, we would all share the wealth
Where our planet won’t melt, don’t like the hand you were delt
It’s no biggie for real, you just tell them re-deal
And you’d learn how to play your cards right from the day
You saw light and could make it alright anyway
Your life would be great so all I gotta say
“I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)
Where my daughter could play and there’s no possible way
She could be kidnapped or raped or even hit by a stray
Where relationships last like my grandparents
And nobody is glass, you know, transparent
Unbreakable soul, we’d be great as a whole
Unafraid to be bold till we’re taking control
Even making our goals but it’s fake, yeah I know!
“I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)

I’ma speak on it
Then come up with a plot, give it all I got then sleep on it
And I just might pray before I rest I say
“I wish you were real” Amen. Yeah. (I can dream, can’t I?!)

Where you wouldn’t need drugs to get rid of your pain
All you need is love would be more than a saying
We would value our people and not the money they earn
We’d never stop growing always looking for something to learn
And our women would know that their scalp ain’t something to burn
You were beautiful long before you were fuckin’ with perms
Tummy tucks, implants and such
Girl “I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)
Where there’s only crabs on your plate or in the sea
Then maybe I wouldn’t have bastards hatin’ on me
Where hate don’t exist and happiness thrives
Where we struggle much less and live happier lives
We’d believe in ourselves like we believe in God
Wouldn’t be up in jail life wouldn’t be this hard
I know this dream is far fetched, I guess
But “I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)


Where people stop wishin’ and start completing their mission
Where we all would teach fishin’ always eager to listen
Where the industries stable and people pay you your fee
Then maybe I would be able to do this youth work for free
Where there’s no need for a center for Alternative Learning
And the teachers would be worthy of the money they’re earning
Better education, constant elevation
“I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)
I work toward it everyday so I can make you see
The world I’m talking about ain’t just gotta be make believe
So whenever you decide to do more than complain
Maybe the world would change instead of more of the same
Children in horrible pain, floss without any AIM
Lost, trying to maintain ’cause their family’s lame
They need some dedication even a better nation
“I wish you were real” (I can dream, can’t I?!)


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