NJ's Award Winning Hip Hop Producer Takes Camera Into Public Restroom To

NJ’s Award Winning Hip Hop Producer Takes Camera Into Public Restroom To….

….take a really dope shot of a good ol’ Brooklyn toilet bowl mr-green-dopeshoton his ventures in creating more #LiveFromTheStreets Episodes, i’m assuming. So, WTF is #LiveFromTheStreets? Maaan…. Only the craziest collab of street sounds from all over the world, mixed with his (talking about Mr. Green here) eye squinting production finished off with a load of funky lyrics. I dunno how to explain this ish, it’s a song, it’s an album, it’s a dude, it’s hip hop. Listen-

This is nothing. I mean, In comparison to all he’s done and got coming forward. I’m not trying to son yall, but you need to follow my advice below if you’re not familiar with Mr. Green. Oh, and he’s from NJ of course.

#1. Be a Leader – Subscribe to his shit asap. This will help you be able to actually share some funkiness before everyone else for once.


#2. Man Up – Admit to yourself you done f’ed up by not keeping up with where the real hip hop is and check out his Facebook page where you can catch up with all he’s done.

#3. Be Cocky – Admit to NO ONE you didn’t know too much about Mr. Green and casually share his posts or whatever and tag him, ladies love a man who they think brushes elbows with top rappers and producers such as him.


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