Peep The Essence (feat. REKS) by DJ Concept

For the second single off his upcoming ‘Flight Patterns 2’ project, DJ Concept enlists Boston heavyweight REKS for “Peep The Essence.” It’s an equally buttery and off-kilter collaboration made for backyard BBQs and headphones-only listening alike.

For the first minute or so, the track couldn’t be more tailor-made for summer weekends, thanks to Concept’s crazy-chill sample flip and REKS’ easygoing bars. When he spits, “Smooth as the tunes that’s in back of us/ Immaculate conception/ Sit back, because no tellin’ where the child destined,” you’ll feel inspired to both do better and get a refill of whatever iced beverage you happen to be enjoying.

That is, of course, until everything gets flipped on its head halfway through. That’s when Concept decides to start tinkering with the beat, which he kicks into high-gear with a footwork-like shuffle by switching up the drums & samples chops. It’s may seem like a fair amount to digest in a song that barely crosses the two-minute mark, but that’s what makes it so damn enjoyable and gratifying.

“Peep The Essence” is now available for stream, and as an instant-grat download off the iTunes pre-order for ‘Flight Patterns 2,’ which drops next Thursday (8/18), through all major digital retailers, via Crisis Center Collective.

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01. Demand Attention (Intro)
02. Been Away From Me
03. Indigo Soul
04. The Looking Glass (feat. Rome Clientel & B. Marshall)
05. Something Unique
06. Back Up In It Tho
07. So Effortless (feat. John Jigg$)
08. Here
09. Peep The Essence (feat. REKS)
10. Decisions
11. Cloud Life
12. Appreciate Every Day

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