Chordz Cordero ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP Free Download

Chordz Cordero ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP Free Download cat·a·lyst: Something that causes an action or event to occur. ev·o·lu·tion: The gradual development of something, from a simple to complex form. ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP is a project of growth, love and change. All the elements that Queens, NY soul vocalist Chordz Cordero has learned, to become the artist and person he his […]

Chordz Cordero – Candlelight & Wine (Produced By JUDAH)

‘CANDLELIGHT & WINE’ PRODUCED BY JUDAH // SINGLE (DOWNLOAD) ‘CATALYST: [E]VOLUTION EP’ OUT OCTOBER 29TH ‘Candlelight & Wine’ by soul vocalist extraordinaire and Queens, NY native Chordz Cordero, a single dedicated to all the hard working women who take time to take care of and help everyone else but themselves, This is a song is to show appreciation for all they do but can be […]