Substantial – Jackin’ Jill (Free Album)

Substantial – Jackin’ Jill (Free Album) Free 17 Track Jill Scott Tribute In 2011 Baltimore emcee Substantial was facing the possibility of cancer.  He ended up having preventive surgery and while laid up, decided to start working on a tribute album to Jill Scott, one of his biggest influences.  It was his was of staying busy while healing, and at the same time […]

Chordz Cordero ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP Free Download

Chordz Cordero ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP Free Download cat·a·lyst: Something that causes an action or event to occur. ev·o·lu·tion: The gradual development of something, from a simple to complex form. ‘Catalyst: [E]volution’ EP is a project of growth, love and change. All the elements that Queens, NY soul vocalist Chordz Cordero has learned, to become the artist and person he his […]