NEW MIXTAPE: Digital Dynasty 26 (Hosted By @SadatX )

NEW MIXTAPE Digital Dynasty 26 (Hosted By Sadat X) It’s finally here. After a slew of submissions, Digital Dynasty 26 is here with rap vet Sadat X. Fresh off the release of his Love, Hell or Right, Sadat serves as host, as we introduce 40 new tracks from a variety of newcomers. “Having Sadat X […]

Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone – ‘Backyard Boogaloo’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone ‘Backyard Boogaloo’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone – Backyard Boogaloo Produced by Cimer Amor w/ cuts by DJ TMB Directed by Chris “Creasy!” Reg Skumbag Millionaires LP (c) 2013 Filmed on location at TerraCycle in Trenton during the 2013 Jersey Fresh Jam. Shout out to KASSO & RAIN, The S.A.G.E. Collective, and […]

Rich Quick ft Miilkbone and DJ Soulbuck – Live From NJ

Rich Quick ft. Miilkbone & DJ Soulbuck ‘Live From NJ’ Anticipation. All we wanna know is ‘WHEN’S THE VIDEO’?! Dope-ness!-MusikReform ┬áCheck out Rich Quick’s latest release off the Presume the Unpredictable mixtape from ItsJustAhmad previously featured on Rich Quick teams up with Miilkbone for a new track entitled ‘Live From NJ’ with DJ Soulbuck […]