H.B. MONTE Presents The #DumbStupidCrazy Mixtape:: Hosted by: PITBULL :: Mixed by: DJ BREAK

H.B. MONTE Presents The #DumbStupidCrazy Mixtape Hosted by: PITBULL Mixed by: DJ BREAK “I can only think B I G… As I’m traveling, I pass all boundaries and expectations through my music. I realize the sky is not my limit if I am soon to be among the stars.”- H.B. MONTE This statement exemplifies the […]

New Mixtape: Dj Simsima & Mass ‘No(w) Futur’ *FREE DOWNLOAD

New Mixtape Dj Simsima & Mass ‘No(w) Futur’ NO(w) FUTUR and OKAYPLAYER #0001 NO(w)TRO HOUSE SHOES FEAT BIG TONE : Time BLU & EXILE FEAT BLACK SPADE: Maybe one day STEVIE CROOKS: Round the way girl FRANK CASTLE: Much Success UPTOWN XO: Errrybody WHOSANE: Brooklyn – Capetown JOEY BADA$$: G.otham F.uckin’C.ity AARON COHEN: Unemployment CHRIS […]