NOWADAYS Mixtape by aCatCalledFRITZ

NOWADAYS Mixtape Welcome back to FRITZ’s LAND! (All Tracks produced by aCatCalledFRITZ) ——————————– 1_ I DON’T NEED Intro 2_ BLAST! / Aud & Fritz [Fresh] 3_ PROPS OVER HERE (Answer remix) / Beatnuts 4_ ONE LOVE (Ego remix) / Nas 5_ FLOWERS (skit) 6_ DON’T WAIT TOO LONG, LET’S DANCE / aCatCalledFRITZ [Fresh] 7_ FAMILY […]

Motel Eola’s Instrumental EP : Go to School – The 3rd

Motel Eola’s third musical lecture: Go to School the 3rd (Beat Tape EP) It’s time to get re-educated; music class has now commenced and will be lead by 19-year-old London hip hop producer Motel Eola. Today Motel will teach you the basics of hip hop and soul through the release of his new instrumental EP […]