Wu-Tang Clan : A Better Tomorrow (New Album)

Released along with Once Upon a Time in Shaolin — their locked-down, $5 million dollar, single-copy album-as-art release — A Better Tomorrow is further proof that, in 2014, the Wu-Tang Clan are a concept or collective led by RZA, and not necessarily a group. Their previous 2007 effort, 8 Diagrams, was the first clue that […]

Wu-Tang Dirty: Platinum Edition Film and the NuHo Film Festival Launch

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s birthday marks the launch of the NuHo Online Film Festival and the release of both a film titled Dirty Platinum Edition and a new album titled New Wu Generation. Pre-Order today ONLY at www.NuHoFilmFest.com. All Hip Hop.com has partnered with NuHo Film Festival to being you this event November 15th. First one […]

Christian Rich feat. Rza – Supaman (Produced by Christian Rich)

Christian Rich feat. Rza  Supaman (Produced by Christian Rich) The Wu is back baby!! Not that they left but while Bobbie Digital was making his way around Hollywood we wondered when the silent Wu streak would end. Ladies and Gentlemen: it has. First leak comes from Christian Rich featuring Rza ‘Supaman’. As for the news […]

10 Things That Would Happen If Wutang Paid Homage To Drake

We all know Drake supposedly paid homage to Wutang by releasing a track entitled ‘Wutang Forever’.  With Wutang recording verses for their own upcoming track it makes us wonder, what would happen if Wu did the same and paid homage to Drake? 10 Things That Would Happen If Wutang Paid Homage To Drake The Pro’s […]

Wu-Tang Clan – Execution In Autumn (+ Vinyl)

Wu-Tang Clan ‘Execution In Autumn’ We don’t know what to be more excited about, an unreleased Wu-Tang track or the fact you can get the vinyl for 50 cents! (For a limited time) New Wu-Tang track ft. featuring Deck, Raekwon, RZA and U-God. Released by Stone Temple Records.  Check out the goodies from RZA’s Twelve […]

The Wu​-​Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing

The Wu-Tang Clan – Six Directions of Boxing from The Man With The Iron Fists : Deluxe Ultra Pak by Man With The Iron Fists Super Limited, RZA Autographed Soundtrack Package: 5 CDs plus Vinyl and more! This is the ULTIMATE collector’s set from THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS. It includes 5 CDs: 1. […]